Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Creative Writing - Lesson 2

We were asked to create a character together with the people in our group and then write a diary entry of this character. My group and me chose to create a female bully, a little bit snob, that likes high fashion clothes, that thinks she is the most important woman in the world etc.

This is what I've written.


Monday, 25th of April, 2016.

I'm quite fed up of working in this office. Literally. Believe me.
How can an elegant person like me be surrounded by these poorly-dressed people? I mean, they can't even match the colour of their shirt with the one of their skirt or trousers!
Let's speak about Richard, for example! This morning he was so brave to dare coming to work wearing a brown suit and a purple shirt! Oh, come on! Doesn't he have a wife or a girlfriend that can give him suggestions about fashion?
I glared at him when I saw him! I hope he understood what was wrong! It took me ages to find a shade or red for my skirt that could match my light pink silk shirt and this morning no one even looked at me or complimented me when I walked through the door!
They were too busy talking about their families, children and boring weekends as usual. No one seems interested in building up a good career, they are so children-centred!
Anyway, how can they progress in their career, some of them are not really clever people. Sometimes I wonder how they can be able to use a computer!

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